Hello! I am Enrico Tanno, 14 year experienced Rome based Designer and Illustrator, and Teacher for 2 years.

Currently I am working as Co-Founder and Designer at DigitalBathroom, Creative Digital Agency, and as Teacher of User Experience and Graphic Designer in several private schools, like Accademia delle Belle Arti and Labforweb.

During my career in London and in Rome, I have worked for different types of industries and business, covering roles of responsibility, from concept to finished work.

In this period of my life I am doing a lot of sport, and I am trying to vary as much as possible at work since I am easily bored. When I am not inside some brief, or with my splendid 1 year old baby girl I publish contents on this blog:: laundrymag.com

And last but not least, this is a super cool portrait made by a student of mine, Elena.


Here my LinkedIn profile