Identity and Beer Label Art for MC 77 Award Winning Brewery


Basically four years ago two guys came into my office looking for a graphic designer to develop their idea: open their own brewery. So we moved up, and now after four years MC-77 is a top award winning beer in Italy.

The first graphics were minial with a long distance visual impact, in order to recognize them between the other beer. Then we start doing some illustrated and more detailed graphic. A very interesting and fun task.

Here the results.



First Minimal labels:

Here the real minimal beer. The bottle have a strong and precise visual impact at eye – bar distance. First mission complete 🙂

Mild the Gap label, minimal version:

Finisched the first minimal labels, we start doing some illustrations for a new labels serie. Here some of them:


Hops man sketch:

Hapanero Sketch (based on mexican boxe posters):

Hapanero final beer label art:

Velvet Suite final label:

a very fun thing. I don’t know who is this guy, but I have a fun, since the client sent to me a picture of a boy with this tattoo :-))

Ape Regina final label:

Breaking Hops sketch:

Breaking Hops final beer label art:

Here the real beer:


Fleur Sofronia Sketch (a beautiful girl in a shabby kitchen):

fleursofronia sketch

Fleur Sofronia final beer label art:

A special graphic set: a mega poster with several MC Characters:

Mild the Gap firts sketches:

mildthegap sketch

Mild the Gap final beer label art:

San Lorenzo black lines and final label, (San Lorenzo is a characteristic university area in Rome, where I work).

san lorenzo sketch


Bastogne Sketch with Zanardi, a very famous character by Andrea Pazienza, italian artist (for me the best artist in the world, rip). In the last sketch there is a Citroen Squalo, the car of a characters of Bastogne, an Enrico Brizzi romance.




Bastogne final label art:

Birra acida final beer label art:

And we have not finished yet 🙂

Conero, inspired by the Nascita di Venere of Botticelli, 1482.

Saaz, inspired by a typical Sicilian drink, made by lemons and salt:

Glu glu:

Ken Shiro